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Directed by Elsa van Damke


Director: Elsa van Damke
Section: New German TV Productions
Country: Germany
Year: 2024
Language: German
Version: Original version
Cast: Marie Bloching, Shakiba Eftekhari-Fard, Bless Amada, Jasmin Shakeri, Odine Johne
18+ (no age rating)


A feminist dramedy about revenge, healing, and the ability to redeem oneself.

A maid named Amelie develops superpowers that enable her to recognize and battle sex offenders after she herself is raped. In the persona of a superheroine named Hysteria, she decides what is good and evil while suppressing her own trauma — until she unexpectedly encounters her rapist.

The screening will include all episodes of the series.

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Photocredits: Mitch Stöhring


  • ASTOR Astor Kino
  • HFF Kino 1

Meet the director


Elsa van Damke

Elsa van Damke was born in Berlin in 1994. She studied directing at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Her graduation film, OH SH*T! (2020), was successful abroad. Van Damke completed her directing internship at Studio Babelsberg prior to attending the Hamburg Media School. With her award-winning graduation film, LANG LEBE DER FISCHFRIEDHOF (2023), she obtained her master’s degree in directing.


Screenplay: Elsa van Damke, Jana Forkel
Director of Photography: Doro Götz
Film Editor: Antonella Sarubbi
Composer: Felix Remm
Production Designer: Miodrag Nerandzic
Costume Design: Inga Zink, Irina Spreckelmeyer
Sound: Ludwig Bestehorn
Sound design: Charlotte Lewis
Animation: Maren Trey
Make-up artist: Lara Flanders, Ester Nyakato Rüppel
Casting director: Liza Stutzky, Berti Caminneci
Producer: Solmaz Azizi, Lasse Scharpen, Clara Gerst (Producer), Sophya Frohberg (Development Producer)
Production Company: Studio Zentral
Editor: Thomas Disch
TV channel: RTL Television GmbH