Munich is aglow with stars on our Isar Carpet

Antonia Mahler
Antonia Mahler

Illustrious guests such as Kate Winslet, Jessica Lange, Viggo Mortensen, Isabelle Huppert, Sandra Hüller, and Moritz Bleibtreu grace the Munich International Film Festival 

Munich is aglow with stars on our Isar Carpet

Kate Winslet in Lee And Jessica Lange in THE GREAT LILLIAN HALL
photo lee: Kimberly French/Sky UK Ltd.

This year, the Munich International Film Festival’s CineMerit Award is going to two terrific actresses! We’re delighted to welcome both Kate Winslet and Jessica Lange, each of whom is premiering a film live in Munich. Both Oscar-winners have left their mark on international cinema through their dazzling portrayal of complex female characters. On the occasion of receiving the CineMerit Award for her achievements in cinema, Kate Winslet will present the film LEE, which she also produced, at the Deutsches Theater and take time for an in-depth talk after the screening. The wonderful Jessica Lange will bring her new drama THE GREAT LILLIAN HALL to Munich as a cinema premiere and will light up the stage in conversation at the Deutsches Theater. Jessica Lange will present the screenings of her favorites FRANCES and BLUE SKY on Sunday, June 30 and Monday, July 1 in person. 

Schadow Of Fire Shinya Tsukamoto

Celebrated Japanese director Shin’ya Tsukamoto will be given a homage at the Munich International Film Festival. His latest film, SHADOW OF FIRE, will have its German premiere here alongside screenings of two of his cult films, VITAL and TETSUO: THE IRON MAN. The director will be at the festival center at the Amerikahaus for his FilmTalk, SHIN’YA TSUKAMOTO – A LIFE’S WORK, on Sunday, July 6. 

Further international celebrities who will be gracing the festival this year include actor and director Viggo Mortensen. He will be presenting his second film as a director, a western called THE DEAD DON’T HURT, in which he appears alongside Vicky Krieps. You can see him live at the FilmTalk at the Amerikahaus on Wednesday, July 3 as well as at the Q&A following the screening on Thursday, July 4. On top of that, the fantastic Isabelle Huppert will be coming to Munich on June 30 to present her latest film SIDONIE IN JAPAN, which she will discuss with director Élise Girard in a Q&A. This a film about mourning and how the magical power of a journey can change one’s perspective.  

The Dead Dont Hurt Online2

Viggo Mortensen in THE DEAD DON'T HURT
Photo: Marcel Zyskind/Alamode Film

Sidonie Au Japon Online1 (1)

Isabelle Huppert in SIDONIE IN JAPAN

Alles Fifty Fifty Online1

Moritz Bleibtreu and Laura Tonke in Everything'S fifty fifty
Photo: Leonine


A journey can also benefit Moritz Bleibtreu and Laura Tonke as a divorced couple. In EVERYTHING’S FIFTY FIFTY, they come to the realization that they’ve made lots of mistakes in raising their son. Along with Axel Stein, they’ll present this new family comedy at the festival on Thursday, July 4. Comedy greats Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka will also be honoring us with their presence and with the TV series THE PERFECT MISS, about two singles who could be a perfect match if they would only cross paths. A FilmTalk titled THE PERFECT MISS! WITH ANKE ENGELKE AND BASTIAN PASTEWKA will be held on July 1. 

Oscar nominee Sandra Hüller is also in Munich in 2024 with a comedy. She shines alongside Ronald Zehrfeld and Max Riemelt in our opening film, TWO TO ONE, which the cast and director will present at the Deutsches Theater in a second screening for the audience, followed by an in-depth discussion. 

We also expect the wonderful Maria Furtwängler who brings us the family drama AT THE END OF TRUTH. Its director, Saralisa Volm, will join Furtwängler at the FilmTalk VIOLENCE IN MOVIES – AS SEEN BY WOMEN at the festival center on Wednesday, July 3. 

Zwei Zu Eins Online1

Sandra Hüller, Ronald Zehrfeld and Max Riemelt in two to one
photo: Peter Hartwig/X Verleih AG

Perfekt Verpasst Online1

Bastian Pastewka and Anke Engelke in the perfect miss
photo: Ben Knabe

Love Sucks Online1 Neu

Damian Jardung and Havana Joy Josephine Braun in LOVE SUCKS
photo: Frank Dicks

Director Désirée Nosbusch and her leading actress, Trine Dyrholm, will also be giving a FilmTalk about the world premiere of their film POISON. On Friday, July 5, they’ll both be at the Amerikahaus for the FILMTALK: THE ART OF ACTING. Heiner Lauterbach is the star of another world premiere at the Munich International Film Festival: the series SHADOW TOWER, adapted from a novel, will be screened in the New German Television Productions section and accompanied by the FilmTalk ACTOR’S TALK WITH HEINER LAUTERBACH on Friday, July 5. 

Enjoy meeting the stars, catching the FilmTalks and, of course, going to the movies! 

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